Is a very musical song from the rock group Journey. Since 1981 the melody has floated into our lives but in Northampton it’s a wrong idea. Stop believing in the Northampton Republicans regardless of the things they use to try to convince you they belong in power.

For rock-solid believing Republicans Voters, getting the right information has been impossible until this website started to write the truth about the Northampton Republican Insiders and the massive, expensive mistakes they made in Northampton. Want a clear example? Bocce Roof.

No one admits how the money for the Bocce Roof came into the hands of Komelasky, Palestina, Kinney and Long when they were township Supervisors. Maybe some Right To Know voter will make a request to the township to release the documents but for now it’s only important to know the Northampton GOP built the expensive Bocce Roof for the little needed and little used Bocce court. This is not some magic trick, it’s a political trick just like so much of the underhanded business was handled in Northampton until Frank Rothermel brought his skill and good morals to the Northampton Supervisors.

Frank Rothermel, along with Rodger Bushnell and two others ferretted out the truth about the hidden sewer plans in Northampton and exposed them. That’s why there is so much Insider Republican outrage against Frank, Jim and Rodger from a group of hate mongers who supported three anonymous websites that, unlike this website and me that report the truth about the hidden information from the  Northampton Insider Republicans.

Their deceitful anonymous website in support of Northampton Republicans doesn’t beling in Northampton. One way to help the truth and the American way is to continue to vote for Rothermel and Cunningham. Check this website for more truth. It’s searchable. Use the search feature to find information about the deceptions of the Northampton GOP.

While you are looking for Republican Information search the internet for Congressman Fitzpatrick for whom I worked on election day. Mike is a good man. Morally he has the best values. He’s a lot like me. Almost perfect. 🙂

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