He just announced another waste of tax dollars to buy beef and pork to raise meat prices which are low because corn prices are sharply higher because too much corn is being used to make ethanol. If it is too expensive to feed cows because the feed costs more than the cow is worth, the farmers slaughter the cows which means there is too much meat which forces meat prices down.  Excess supply drives prices lower. America is burning it’s food in gas tanks and paying more for meat because Obama prefers high fuel prices to force people to use less fuel.

Is OBAMA really that stupid?

No, but he does not want America to prosper. Cause Inflation. What better way to devalue the money than for government to order people to do things which lower it’s value? What better way to prevent Americans to thrive on their own by increasing the cost of goods and services until a person must get help to stay alive – from government.  

Looks like it.

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