The President, as usual is denying reality. He said: “I don’t think you or anybody who’s been watching the campaign would say that in any way we have tried to divide the country.”

His words mean that no one would say there is only one way we have sought to divide the country. Also, he said “WE”. We is plural. It means Obama and at least one other person. If he meant Mitt he is still not telling us what he means but it means together, the two (or more) of us which is not the question nor the issue. The charge is: The President has wilfully divided and continues to divide America. He’s a divided man married to a divided woman. They are “The Dividers” It’s a long time for Obama, working against the American system while teaching people how to game it, use it to take money from others and get it for themselves without earning it. He’s a Long Divider.

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