So far America’s cities are quiet following the Zimmerman Not Guilty verdict, We hope it stays that way but the race-hustlers want to create problems between the races, problems that will make America’s culture worse instead of healing it.

Healing America of what? False Race Problems. America took on race solutions decades ago by mandating de-segregation, forced bussing, re-aligning Jim Crow political gerrymandering and mandating criminal penalties for breaking the de-segregation laws. That worked, imperfectly but overwhelmingly. Today blacks are treated much better than before brave souls like Martin Luther King marched. Perhaps it’s far from perfect but everyone would agree it’s better.

There are left over protestors who having little of substance to protest invent race issues. The Zimmerman case proves that. Starting from the top and going down into the Liberal media, a constant false racial narrative has played out. See a short summary hereThe bigger picture is being played out and good people of many races are watching to see how America handles the post Zimmerman era. Will there be riots? Probably a few. Will there be calm? Probably yes because good people know what happened here. Six jurors had to wade thru nearly 18 months of the false trial in the Liberal media and then try the case beginning June 10 and ending July 13th. Now America itself is on trial. How will the black community act? My bet is on “fine” with a few blockheaded and minor exceptions.  

What about the Liberal media? True to form they will continue to distort facts and reactions to make the case that America is not a good country. They will continue to condemn America, embarrass themselves and follow the failed policies that are diminishing them to Americans who can see thru their false “reporting”. All that’s good. MLK would be proud.

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