The book is written by nine Left Liberals who want to praise Liberalism. If you are not a dyed in the wool bone fide left winger, a progressive, a Marxist, a communist, a re-distributionalist or a Socialist the nine essays will leave you speechless because they reveal how deeply Socialist America’s left wing is.

All your suspicions about the philosophical basis for America’s lurch to the Left are proven. From “The Popular Front” to Harry Reid, the deep debt of the writers to the European Marxists is gleefully admitted. In addition, these writers, all with the familiar dog tags of deep Liberals, owe their philosophy to those who deeply despise people. None understands America. They resent Liberty, preferring to have groups run the lives of individuals. These are hyper-educated people who know how to bamboozle readers. That’s their game. Their thoughts are not deep. Their logic is based on their premises and their premises do not grasp the essential attribute of their subjects.

These are deeply anti-America writers, joined at the hip with Comintern communists who should write for PRAVDA. They write as obscurely and as disconnectedly as Kant. They value their simple opinions and use them to boldly assert their arguments but like a building with a weak foundation they mislead the reader on every page. The introduction notes the infiltration of the Democratic party by the Communist Party, -true, then condemns Barry Goldwater, Ronald Reagan and other anti-progressives, their term,  for betraying the Communist revolution.

These are extraordinarily awful thinkers. They hijack their own species then commit intellectual suicide by opposing Capitalism on every page.  Don’t buy this book. Don’t request it from the free library because that will increase it’s sales. This is junk scholarship.

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