They lost the township after 270 years of conservative leadership. Why? Long story short, inept leadership who thought more of political victories than the citizens of Northampton. Starting with the Township Manager who stole money from under the noses of the Republican Supervisors. Despite audits and analysis the manager got away with stealing money over a period of years. The Pay-To-Play scandal, the hidden sewer plans, the township swimming center that was stopped by the county Republicans, the bocce ball roof allegedly donated by a hidden vendor, the phony cross-contamination issue that wasted time, money, effort and showed the thoroughly inept management at the Water and Sewer board, onto the chaos and hate towards citizens, the abject failure to consider the poisoned wells that forced the State of PA to ORDER the township to put in a public water pipe, the wasted money, the secret meetings, the secret entertaining of themselves at township expense, these are scurrilous pirates who don’t belong in power.

Need more? A supervisor candidate “sold” a $193,000 project while he was a candidate. Talk about conflict of interests, Judas Iscariot would have walked away from that one.

There’s more but that’s quite enough to make sure voters know about the flim’s and flam’s. Bottom line. Keep them away from power.  

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