The DC Tea Party event June 19 had a bigger crowd than Obama did in Berlin. 10,000 compared to 4,500.

Same as September 12, 2009. The Tea Party Rally had a million people, 1,000,000. I was there. I have photo’s One Million. Obama’s first Berlin rally had about 200,000. For reference, JFK’s “Ich Bin Ein Berliner” had 450,000.,Ten times larger than Obama’s 2013 crowd, and Barack’s speech was called “weak and underwhelming from a floundering President”. The sun has set on Barack’s Presidency unless America is attacked and he distinguishes himself as a war president, which is completely not in his make-up. Wars are not won with mundane, apologetic teleprompter speeches. 

How different than the rally in DC where Glenn Beck, Rand Paul, Michelle Bachman, Mike Lee and Ted Cruz, and so many other bright lights in Congress and the Tea Parties who spoke to 10,000 Tea Party Patriots, normal Americans who want government fixed. They blame OBAMA. They blame The IRS. They blame Homeland Security,. They don’t like the Constitutional Violations and they are fed up with Washington’s abuse of the system and Americans.   

Tea Party Rallies get more people than Obama rallies. Thanks to everyone who spoke yesterday in DC.  A great event for an even greater set of causes. America seeking a return to Freedom.

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