There is no “Gun Show Loophole” Sarah Brady just made it up,

A high government official explained: how do we stop “someone at a gun show selling AK-47’s for $1,500 and making their customers go thru a background check while someone at the next table is selling AK-47’s for $2,500 with no background check? The official had convinced himself that happens even after I pointed out that no gun show would allow it. He then gave the example of someone selling AK-47’s in the parking lot. Suddenly there was no more gun show issue. The parking lot is not the gun show.

Here’s the deal. Government is concerning itself with private gun sales. To cover up the idea of regulating private guns it goes along with the false idea of a loophole in the law that demands everyone submit to a background check to get permission to buy a gun. But in America, private gun sales are highly regulated. No friend can give a friend a gun. No ancestor can give a descendant a gun. Guns must be transferred through a federally licensed firearms dealer.  (That’s right, the federal government must give permission to anyone who sells guns. That’s another set of gun control problems in themselves.)

The government is abusing it’s power. Gun control is illegal and must be destroyed. 

It’s even worse. In PA, even certain riflescopes and laser scopes are prohibited. PA has loads of illegal laws that involve guns. Senator McIllhenny distributes a large book filled with them.

So the gun show loophole is an invention designed to cover-up the government’s prohibited conduct controlling guns and regulating gun sales.  It’s another malicious distraction issue for evermore regulations to stop people from buying, selling and giving away guns. There’s no gun show loophole. Gun shows in PA are more regulated than your car or your children. (Government must give permission to buy a car or for a child to attend school. {They need to be vaccinated, be in good health and certified so by a government approved Physician})

What the $%^&* happened here?

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