Fascism, Communism, Socialism, Progressivism, and all groups elevate the group over the individual. The differences are superficial and inconsequential. All of the forgoing bring the gang-rule element into the open but few people are psychologically able to grasp that public ownership means the abolition of private property and turning over to government the rights to all property. Regulation is a slightly disguised term of control of the use of property. Same for Licenses, Permits, Certificates, Titles issued by government to support goods held in common.

One horrible attribute of mob rule by Government is how often it is done in the name of freedom. As if being permitted is the same as being free. Government, Criminals, Groups and Gangs have more power than an individual but only government has the power to crack down on criminals. The problem is gang warfare went legitimate about 500 years ago when criminals discovered how to manipulate a government against the innocent by claiming to act for the common good. Even America, a country founded on the idea of government protecting the individual, was not wise enough or learned enough to foretell the control of Liberty by organized groups, (gangs) using “the Common Good”. Unfortunately the Left discovered how to get free things from innocent people by disguising their takings as benefits needed to equalize results.

America has become a sad testament to the power of gangs to govern.

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