No other township honors the members of the military like Northampton Township, Bucks County PA. Each month the citizens who are being deployed are given a military flag, Army, Navy, Marines, etc. The flag is placed along side other flags in the township meeting room. When the tour is over the flag is replaced by an American flag and the original flag is given to the returning veteran.

There are two ceremonies for each veteran. The community and military people are invited to witness the movement of the flags. It’s a tribute to the vets from Northampton township. Here’s what I said at the April 24th ceremony.

Of course the nation is grateful but there’s a special pride seeing local citizens who have been in personal danger. There’s pride; a special poignancy & a deep concern for their safety. There’s also a feeling of helplessness because we cannot hold them as close as we wish; – we cannot protect them and it takes a tremendous amount of trust in our government.

We know the military will protect them. And it’s moments like these when the politics fall away as Northampton Township can show our concern, our care, our neighborliness & yes, our love as we wish the warriors, the front line warriors well. You carry our pride in America. We wish you well. Thank you.

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