The 35kw Solar Panel System was estimated to cost $193,000 but the Sewer Authority would not have to pay for it. They accepted the wrong idea that the project was free.

The “NO FREE LUNCH” theory i.e., someone pays for everything –  proves the project is just another swindle.

The Solar System would be paid by investors who would recoup their payment by using tax credits and grant money. It’s the classic BUNKO scheme with a talented grifter working the rubes on the Water Board. One person on the board got it. The vote was 4 to 1 to accept the confidence scheme.

Who pays for the tax credits and the grants? Taxpayers. The $193,000 is not free money so neither is the Solar Project free.

In fact, the Splar Project is blatant nonsense. Anyone who buys a solar project knows it’s not free, just another scheme to cheat the taxpayers.

The Water Authority would save $1,300 per year. The saving occurs when the Water Authority pays less for electricity to PECO or to another electric supplier.

The tax payers don’t get anything for their money. It’s a Win – Lose – Lose – Win – Win deal. The Authority wins; the Taxpayers lose; PECO loses, the Investors win and the Solar Panel maker wins. The people of Northampton lose too because the rates will not go down, the so-called saved money will not go the the people of Northampton, the Authority will give itself more raises, buy itself more expensive trips and the dishonest, dishonorable people will continue to lie, cheat and steal, all in the plain sight of the cameras that record the nonsense.  

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