Is anyone innocent? No in the words of just about every mystic based leader. Some Christians believe each person is created already guilty of sin. In the eyes of people like that, no one can ever be innocent. Everyone, according those doctrines, is guilty as soon as they are born but some believe the guilt begins at conception. Not to be outdone by those believers, every cell in an egg and in a sperm is already guilty and is merely passing on their guilt at conception where two guilty things join to produce, –what? a third guilty thing or the same guilty thing as the two guilty things that produce the third?  Under those conditions, no one is innocent. Since no one is innocent it’s a waste of time trying to determine which guilty thing is more guilty, therefore less worthy of salvation.

But in the real world, there are really guilty people. Ronald Reagan used the term “evil empire” to refer to the empire he was determined to eliminate. It’s not difficult to extend the boundaries of the evil empire to include additional components of the evil empire.

An empire doesn’t have to be one continuous group of nations. An empire doesn’t have to have any real estate to be evil. Evil exists independent of nations, cultures and governments although searching for evil within nations, cultures and governments is the best place to look. A bad set of ideas, for example, a totalitarian  mindset, qualifies for sufficient evil. There is no minimum for an evil group. One person, for example, Stalin, would be evil. Same for all of the totalitarian dictators, potentates, Kings and even small minded people who just want to “destroy Jews”.

How does the world look away while Israel is attacked? There are innocent children in Israel, a place the Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei called a “Cancerous Tumor. So much for his objectivity.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani lashed out at Israel in vitriolic terms on Wednesday, referring to Israel as a “festering Zionist tumor”.

The children of Israel are the first children the world should protect from harm because the parents of the children of Gaza are trying to kill the Israeli children by shooting bombs at them from Gaza. The children of Gaza believe Jews should be killed. The children of Gaza wear bombs so they can kill the children of Israel. The children of Gaza are not innocent. They are fully functioning weapon delivery systems. Weaponized children are guilty, not innocent.  Blame their parents but don’t dare believe they are innocent.

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