In his latest attack President Trump directly accused former President Barack Obama of leading a “coup” to sabotage the Trump presidency. Yes… Obama did that, …. and more to get rid of Donald Trump before Obama left office and he’s tried but failed to do more damage to president Trump but Obama just isn’t good enough. Vladimir Putin who is far brighter than Barack Obama has been trying to get rid of president Trump but Putin isn’t good enough and neither is Barack.

*** Donald Trump was the victim of the “biggest political crime in American history” and the Obama appointees who he claims tried to undermine his administration deserve jail time for their misdeeds. True that..

“It’s time we asked, what did Obama and Biden know and when did they know it?” Sen. Chuck Grassley, an Iowa Republican who has probed the FBI’s Russia investigation, said Monday on the Senate floor. On Tuesday, Grassley sent a letter to the Trump administration asking for more documents about Flynn to be declassified, including transcripts of his calls with Kislyak.

In an ABC News interview on Tuesday, Biden was asked about the 2017 Oval Office meeting and his knowledge of the FBI’s Flynn investigation before leaving office. “I was aware that there was, that they had asked for an investigation,” Biden said, apparently referring to the FBI, “but that’s all I know about it.” That’s all B-S from Biden who was in the room on January 5th.

A “senior US government official” leaked the existence of Flynn’s calls to The Washington Post, a possible felony because the information was classified. Since the earliest days of his presidency, Trump has decried what he said were “illegal leaks” that fueled suspicion about Russia.