How dumb are these guys, really? Napolitano the Naif believes life begins at conception so he opposes all control over a blastocyst which is about as microscopic an entity as can be imagined. His is a prehistoric take on life that is more belief than fact. A zygote, the single fertilized cell has a long way to go before it becomes a blastocycst. It’s not even implanted, a process that takes up to 11 days [1] and is far from being considered a fetus yet Napolitano accepts for himself the inability, the moral prohibition for human intellectual activity in favor af an un-implanted cell based entity. His mind was fossilized on this long ago but it drives his every moment.

Schiff? President Trump called him a sick puppy. Trump called Kellyanne Conway’s husband a nut job. America has too many of these professional nut-jobs in positions of power.

[1] Wikipedia: The blastocyst is completely embedded in the endometrium only 11–12 days after fertilization

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