There’s a false narrative being shoveled around by Obama that all religions are basically peaceful and therefore all religions are should be protected. Trump said differently. His idea is “something’s going on in the Mosques and we need to find out what it is.”

American Thinker had this to way about Islam: from “hidden cameras inside ISIS tents as they jubilantly discussed trading slaves and practicing sexual abuse on Yazidi women and children. These films show the ravages of Shia, Sunni, or Syrian Alewite massacres of mostly Christians, or other Muslims. Witness after witness spoke of being raped, even tiny girls. Men who had escaped, including priests and prelates of various Christian denominations, called on the world, and in particular President Obama, to come to their aid. Though there are some four thousand Jews in Iran, ostensibly a “protected minority” useful for the Shia regime of the mullahcracy, there are no longer any Jewish populations of any numbers in any Middle Eastern — that is, Muslim — state.” 

The Popes have seen fit to lead Catholics in peaceful endeavors but as seen from the recent behaviors of Glenn Beck, Christianity has it’s own tactics that don’t keep for example Catholic people from Mexico at peace. Same for Israel. As a defense, Israel is not in a peace place.

A massacre is not a word that comes lightly to mind. The murders of orange jumpsuited men on a beach was done not as a movie publicity stunt or in the justice system of a nation state but in pursuit of the values of a religion. The idea that all religions are peaceful is a kumbayah idea that simply isn’t true.

People are either peaceful or not. Individuals carry out rituals. What their reasons are requires knowledge of their values which depends on their personal virtues because human action is the work of individuals. Even when seemingly “united” by a cause or movement, human action is at bottom the work of an individual.

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