What is wrong with Obama? Why does he hate America so much that he compared his own daughters to daughters in the Middle East where the women are treated savagely? In an interview with M. Abbas President of the West Bank, the conquered territory that Israel agreed to give up to get peace in 1996 but which peace never came. Even worse, after giving up territory for peace, the Palistinian sneak attacks against Israel became more deadly. Israel’s enemies even shot two rockets into Israel to let Obama know they have that much power and his powers cannot stop them. Plus, Obama doesn’t want to stop them from rocketing Israel. If he did, he would have a few carrier groups offshore shooting and sending rockets and drones at them.   

Obama believes his daughters, – he said this, – differed little from Palestinian daughters. WHAT!

In what kind of dream state does Obama exist? Has he become so radicalized as the result of his Columbia, Harvard and Chicago days that he no longer can connect his mind to the real world? Obama’s daughters live in a very private, isolated world of special privlege and power. If they lived anywhere in the Middle East they and Obama would quickly understand how tragic the lives of  young Palestinian daughters really are. Obama is completly off his rocker to compare Palestinean doughters to what he wrongly believes is the whining black victim status in America.

Obama hates America. Fine. We get that from his public pronouncements. He should have the decency to stop offending Americans by his outrageous, immoral comparison of American’s with desert brutes who exist to torture Jews. America’s race days are over. They started to become history as long ago as 1750 when many Americans began trying to dismantle slavery. They were eliminated by law by Lincoln and the rights of black people in America were helped along by many past presidents and by many non-black Americans. Check out the races of the people in Selma, Birmingham and other places in the past struggles of some non-blacks who fought on behalf of blacks.   

Obama needs to understand he was elected President mostly by people who were not black. He needs to understand and be grateful that most people did not consider his race to be a negative and still other people not of his race considered his race to be important to use as a symbol that racism is not a detriment in America.

If Obama wants to see the effects of hatred for a different race, he should go to, for example, Zimbabwe where farmers, craftsmen and traders were expelled or murdered because they were white. Let Obama travel there and praise that system and compare it to America. But he cannot. His value system has no place for the exceptionalism of America nor for the great things accomplished and achieved by Americans, including him. His conscience is stunted and can no longer grow to lead the nation that I love but he hates. Too bad for America. That’s the final judgment that will haunt Obama throughout history. He wrote that part with his anti-America actions.    

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