The views and attitudes of Muslims towards women should immediately put them on the enemies list and keep them out. Ask them and ask their leaders if women have Rights or if Women have the same Rights as men. If they answer yes tell them you know about the approval of their culture to lie to Christians. They have a word for it: taqiyya. Their scholars teach they should generally, not always, be truthful to each other, unless the purpose of lying is to “smooth over differences.” Then they can lie to each other.

They actually have two forms of lying, taqiyya and kitman. In English we use the concept of Lying, i.e., a false statement made with deliberate intent to deceive; an intentional untruth; a falsehood, prevarication,not being truthful, misleading. We also recognize dissimulation as another form of lying. They practice both and actually brag about lying. They lie to gain the trust of others in order to draw out their vulnerability and defeat them. One of their inspored leaders said “we smile in the face of some people although our hearts curse them,” this makes duplicity and untrustworthiness a positive idea for them.

Their idea of defeating Christians is to rule over Christians in totalitarian fashion because their religion is much, much more than religion. They use the idea of religion because religion has an immunity in the West and that immunity allows them to conquer then control their enemies thru politics, economics, law, military and government.

Dr. Ben Carson listed the reasons a Muslim could not be President in America. Ben Carson insisted Sunday that for a Muslim to become president of the United States, “you have to reject the tenets of Islam.”

“Yes, you have to,” the retired neurosurgeon and Republican presidential candidate said Sunday in an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper on “State of the Union.”

His latest criticism of Islam came the week after he’d said he “would not advocate that we put a Muslim in charge of this nation.”

“I would have problems with somebody who embraced all the doctrines associated with Islam,” Carson said. “If they are not willing to reject sharia and all the portions of it that are talked about in the Quran — if they are not willing to reject that, and subject that to American values and the Constitution, then of course, I would.”

He argued, though, that the controversy surrounding his comments last week has been overblown.

“Is it possible that maybe the media thinks it’s a bigger deal than the American people do?” Carson said. “Because American people, the majority of them, agree and they understand exactly what I am saying.”

Carson insisted Sunday that “of course Muslims can be patriots,” though his previous comments appeared to presume that Muslims are more devoted to their faith than the U.S. Constitution.

“I’ve worked with Muslims. I’ve trained Muslims. I’ve operated on Muslims. There are a lot of Muslims who are very patriotic. Good Americans and they gladly admit, at least privately, that they don’t accept sharia or the doctrines and they understand that Islam is a system of living and it includes the way that you relate to the government,” he said.

“And you cannot, unless you specifically, deny that portion of Islam be a Muslim in good standing. Now if that is the case, if you are not willing to reject that, then how in the world can you possibly be the president of the United States.”

Tapper said: “You’re assuming that Muslim Americans put their religion ahead of the country.”

And Carson responded: “I’m assuming that if you accept all the tenets of Islam that you would have a very difficult time abiding under the Constitution of the United States.”

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