Kooky Jay Leno ceaselessly mocked and ridiculed Romney, Palin, Bush, Cheney, Rumsfield, Conservatives, The Tea Parties and the Right Wing without shame, with abandon and glee and his Left-Wing Los Angeleno’s laughed their left coast socks off. His adoration of Obama was without peer during the last campaign. He should join Michael Moore, SNL, Rachel Maddow and Chris Matthews, – not FOX.

Bob Beckle, Juan WIlliams, & Heraldo are far too extreme Left Wing for FOX. They constantly find nonsense arguments to support: Obama; Hillary; the Benghazi Cover-Up, and the entire Left. We need Objectivity, not Leno nor his extreme Left’s rantics. Obama is bad enough but he doesn’t have a long late night show to spew poison and disguise it as comedy.

If FOX needs an expensive, money wasting comedian, get Joe Biden.

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