America’s Police State Under Obama Revealed.

Comey admitted he was in on setting up and blackmailing General Flynn. During a Thursday morning interview with U.S. Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), “Fox & Friends” co-host Brian Kilmeade played a video clip of Comey making the admission, saying he essentially took advantage of the early “chaos” of the incoming Trump administration to break protocol and send in FBI agents to entrap Flynn. Comey threatened to investigate Flynn’s son unless he agreed to lie about Trump so the General lied on purpose to the FBI to avoid them going after his son….

Trump Says He Would “Certainly Consider” Bringing Mike Flynn Back Into His Administration.

Kellyanne Conway said: “every American should feel a chill today [because] federal government officials in high places can come to the White House four days into our presidency and come here to try to set up the national security advisor to the president and the fix was in.” Rinse and Repeat: “The Fix Was In”

“Imagine if what was written in the margins of these notes – should we get him to lie or should we get him fired – imagine if anything like that was in the Mueller investigation of two years. Imagine if one of our handwriting was in the margins saying today is ‘Collusion Monday’ or ‘Russian Tuesday? Which one is it?’” she said.

“They pecked around and hunted around [using] taxpayer funding for years to find absolutely nothing. This man was set up from the beginning. [He] probably thought they were coming in to be helpful since we had been on the job for four days,” Conway said.

“The president has made clear for all three years that Michael Flynn was treated very unfairly. Now we know it was probably criminal what was done to him. And, may I just add that the man had a three-decade-plus career in the United States military,” she continued. “And he came here ready to serve his country, was gone within days, and now we see the fix was in from the previous administration’s people.”

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