In his book he tries to shift the blame for all the problems of his Vice-Presidential terms, Bill Clinton’s Presidential terms and all the problems in America caused by Democrats as far back as the Democrats in DC to Bush, Cheney and Rumsfield, mainly onto Bush. Al Gore is a man without shame or honor who is completely reason and truth- challenged. There’s evidence a-plenty in his own words ins his books. Al’s reasoning ability is so convoluted there’s no other possibility than Tipper left Al because he went nuts on her. The proof? Read his books.

He blames Bush for missing the 9/11 al-Qaida attack because Bush was in office 7 months when the alarms went off. But Al Gore was Vice President and Clinton were president for 96 months, -eight years yet Gore doesn’t accept his responsibility for ignoring eight years of 
“blinking red lights”, 96 months ,of not realizing the alQuida warnings were serious. including Gore and Clinton missing the fact that all of the hijackers came to America beginning in the year 2000 which means the hijackers were already here in 2001 when Bush and Cheney took over. The hijackers got in on Gores watch. 

Then there’s Gores idea to keep America safe by not using the military because “it upsets people around the globe”. Even worse for Americans, Gore hates a defensive shield for America. Either he’s stupid which is why Tipper left or he can’t think so good which is why Tipper couldn’t stand to be with him anymore so Tipper left. What is wrong with this guy?

Gore, like Kerry and Obama voted for the war in Iraq before he voted against it. He wanted to attack Saddam Hussein in 1991. He voted to invade. He changed his vote after Bush was elected. He didn’t want Bush II to invade Iraq and remove Saddam Hussein. Gore invented a list of reasons not to invade Iraq in 2002, most of which were the reasons he used to explain his vote to invade in 1991. Gore, like Kerry and Obama simply lies when he wants to lie. 

Gore believes the way to stop a war is to give up. He’s on the same page of Obama and Clinton who lack the common sense to understand what’s going on in the world. When America Surrenders people will like America again. Win a war? He and Obama want to say they won then stop fighting. All three cowards want the enemy to win. These men are bad for America.

Everyone knows Obama lied about keeping your health care. We all know Clinton lied about his tawdry affair with Monica and now Gore completes the troika and lies on almost every page of his book. That’s a marker of a dis-association with reality and an inability to re-connect with reality. That’s the definition of crazy and Al Gore is a poster boy for madness and insane thinking.  

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