Thunberg is increasingly being derided as just another hyper-emotional, tantrum-prone, attention-seeking dwarfish teen brat. She’s become shorthand for environmentally based vapidity, which becomes all the funnier the more clueless earnestness with which it is delivered.

In Thunberg’s silly, over-bearing and over-wrought completely without science September speech to the U.N. — “I shouldn’t be up here,” she said, as though someone dragged her to the podium in chains and forced against her will to do all those photo shoots and interviews —turned out to be far too easy to mock. She almost ran to the U.N. after getting a free ride on a million dollar yacht with diesel engines and a few actual sails. “Yet you all come to us young people for hope. How dare you! You have stolen my dreams and my childhood with your empty words,” Thunberg thundered. A bit strong.  “‘You have stolen my dreams and my childhood,’ says a girl currently gracing the cover of Time magazine,” was the Babylon Bee’s perfectly honed take after Thunberg was crowned World’s Wokest Human or whatever it was.


S that Thunberg — a non-scientist, non-high school graduate neo-wonk, and non-adult — has very little insight to offer the world, and that youthful indignation is not actually very useful or interesting, much less new, begins to sink in. Mary Wakefield writes in The Spectator, “The most sophisticated adults in the world have signed up to the bonkers idea that children can somehow intuit the answers to humanity’s existential problems..

Bonkers. Thunberg and Thunberg supporters..

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