Obama violates the law. He made laws by Executive Orders but laws can only be made by the Legislature. Obama claims he must make laws to bring order to America but he cannot explain how violating the Law upholds it.We are not told how banning guns will work out. Obama does not say there will be less crime. Obama’s kids are protected by people with guns but he wants you and me to protect our children how?

Any weapon in the hands of a criminal or a peaceful person can be used to assault people or to protect themselves. Guns can also be used against the government like the Americans did against King George. Is it far-fetched to think the people will rise up against the Federal Government? History is instructive here. . Why the vacant stare? Is it because you cannot conceive how citizens could revolt against the police and the military? Then you are part of the problem. How can you stand idle while Obama destroys Individual Rights, Freedom and the Constitution by Executive Order? What kind of people let Obama get away with violating so much?

Stalin and every dictator made sure the people were disarmed so the despots could do what they wanted.  

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