25 Mar., 2013  Donna Brazile wrote:  “When you get down to it, the NRA’s solution to any problem is to shoot it.” But that’s not how the NRA solves problems. The NRA has stood up for gun rights since it was founded. The NRA would stand up for Brazile just as the NRA stands against tyranny.

Brazile is way off the mark. Standing up for individual rights is difficult. Freedom with no place to stand to defend it is useless, just as standing against tyranny is difficult without guns. Look at the Middle East where some Syrians are trying to oust a dictator. So far, 70,000 killed. Whether Brazile wants to admit it, guns, weapons, arms, whatever she want’s to call them, will always be claimed by power and so often those in power do not trust other peple so they try to dis-arm them. Disarmed people are victims of people with power. Brazile has power as the head of the Democratic Committee but she doesn’t trust people so whe wants other people disarmed.

Walk down some of the sad streets unarmned Donna or without your armed bodyguards then tell the people they cannot have what you have, protection by guns. Protection Donna, and trust of people, not just those you know but all the rest. Brazile’s answer is to talk people out of crime. Does she want the police to give up their protection? I’ll bet she want’s you disarmed and herself protected by her people with guns.

Guns prevent victims.

Guns are a freedom test. It’s guns and freedom or no guns, no freedom.

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