Who ever elected him? No one. Yes, people were gaslighted into watching his movies but a movie is about a lot of people so deNiro could fit in among decent people and his Crapweasel  “Never Finished High School” mentation. Many are refusing to watch any of his movies ever again. DeNiro is animal excrement and excretable.  DeNiro’s track record on endorsements isn’t good. Dopey de Niro endorsed two-time failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in April 2015, saying at the time that “she has earned the right to be president.” theres a reason we don’t use actors for real life information. They’re puppets who dance to someone elses values. DeNiro is the rule, not the exception. When he gets out of his actors box he’s like a child driving a car. Look Out!!

Hou-Ha. Bye Bye Little Bobby. You became a marshmallo for the marshmallo roast….

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