The Pope has weighed in on the side of…. no one knows. The Pope is against the Obama position of punish Assad for the gassing of Syrians. Putin has warned that he will protect Assad if Obama creates a military response to the gassing. The Pope has called for a day of prayer and fasting on Saturday, Sept 7 in Saint Peters Square which has been called a religious street protest by a commentator and former Jesuit Priest. Here. That’s a religious political event.

The Pope is political, as all Popes have been. The Muslims use the Roman Catholic Crusades as one of the causes of their attacks on the West so they are political too, as are all world leaders. Unfortunately, the politics can trump morality, meaning the moral code of a particular religion., not the Universal Moral Code.

The Universal Moral Code is the part of the moral code that’s based on reality, reason and the protection of individual freedom. That moral code will become popular when a trans-religious culture arises. For now the world is, unfortunately witnessing another religious war.  

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