In a disturbingly  inaccurate letter published in the Courier Tony Albano condemned Supervisor Frank Rothermel for using the idea that Frank lessened traffic in Richboro. What about Frank’s vote against the Addisville Commons and the certain traffic increase that Frank discovered in the details of the project, increases which became key reasons Frank rejected the project and a key reason even the Republican majority agreed with Frank and which they also voted against. So the Addisville project failed. Frank gets the credit because that’s how he voted.

If Addisville had been approved Albano would have blamed Frank for increasing traffic in Richboro so why did Albano think the decrease of the traffic that underlie the decision to reject Giant didn’t count?

Here’s why. It’s an election year and Albano will say and do just about anything regardless if it’s false to get his candidates elected. The desperation of Albano is obvious. He cannot credit Frank Rothermel with one single thing even though the record is full of Rothermel successes. Tony’s failure to do the right thing is an underlying cause of the Northampton Republican Corruption. 

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