It began a long time ago and will go on for a long time to come. No one should be forced to live among people who are different then themselves and who hate them yet that is the command of government and those who resist are at peril. Immigrants from the South want your cake and theirs too which are two reasons president trump is right to limit immigration and to control it otherwise America will change even more than it has since it’s founding, mostly in response to people with insufficient intellectual abilities who get into politics and thereby force undesired change upon people too distracted to oppose them.

Jared Taylor: “The races are not equal and equivalent. If a nation changes demographically, its society will change,” he said.

Read: “Convergence of Catastrophes”

The thesis is terrifying: our present global civilisation will collapse within twenty years, and it is too late to stop it.  Faye’s seven catastrophes are:
1. Cancerization of the European social fabric via increasing drug culture and criminal activity, displacement of native culture by crude and shocking imports, decline of academics and a culture of spectacles.
2. Social breakdown in Europe aggravated by the economic and demographic crisis brought on by a vast drop in the birthrate of Europeans and the uncontrolled immigration of unskilled populations from the south.
3. Chaos of the global South itself. By displacing their traditional cultures with industrialization they have created social chaos.
4. World financial crisis.
5. The rise of fanatical religious cults, principally muslims.
6. A North-South confrontation, with theological and ethnic roots.
7. Uncontrolled increase in pollution.

One reviewer wrote: :”Faye claims that most of the immigrants from the “global south” do not contribute economically to their host countries, and immediately start costing money in terms of social benefits — welfare. He claims that they are lazy, ill-adapted to work, and uneducated. Jared Taylor would point to alternative hypothesis forwarded by the late Philippe Rushton and Arthur Jensen. People from the global south are, on the average, intellectually not up to the task. To avoid being flamed myself, as a mere reviewer, I point readers to titles such as “The g factor,” “IQ and the wealth of nations,” “Race Differences in Intelligence,” “Race, Evolution and Behavior,” “The Bell Curve,” and Earl Hunt’s “Human Intelligence.” If you disagree with the conclusions of these books, please cite authoritative refutations. I have searched and cannot do so.”

Faye however misses the point that strong leaders such as Donald Trump have appeared and are mitigating the problem. Trump cannot stop it of course so long he is so strongly opposed by the Liberal-religious Democrats on the Left because their philosophic principles are altruistic, communist and mystic based.

Here’s a direct copy of the most useful part of the book: a catalog of reasons why Western societies will be unable to avoid the problems ahead. Fundamentally, they refuse to see them. They “Believe in Miracles.” Here is that part of the original text:

“Believing in Miracles
“We are dealing with a general prejudice inherited from the egalitarian and humanitarian utopias, like the philosophy of Progress, according to which `we can have everything at the same time’ and that reality never has negative consequences. People believe they can have their cake and eat it too. They imagine, according to the liberal faith, that an `invisible hand’ will spontaneously restore a harmonious equilibrium. I shall mention a few examples of believing in miracles:
1. Imagining that the dogma of the unlimited economic development of every nation is possible without massive pollution and ecological catastrophes that will destroy this very development. This is the illusion of indefinite development.
2. Believing that a permissive society will not produce a social jungle, and that you can obtain at the same time libertarian emancipation and self-disciplined harmony. We see this drama being acted out in the shipwreck of our schools, where violence, insecurity, ignorance, and illiteracy are arising out of the illusion of progressive education, an educational method which rejects any form of discipline for its students.
3. Believing that it will be possible to preserve retirement systems and social and medical entitlements while remaining faithful, in a period of demographic decline, to the ideal of `solidarity of distribution’. This is the illusion of the Communist conception of solidarity.
4. Believing that large-scale alien immigration is compatible with the `values of the French Republic’ and the preservation of the civilization of the nations and peoples of Europe; and that Islam can become secular and blend in with republican values. Believing also that we can renew the working population by importing immigrants, when these immigrants are unskilled welfare recipients who become our responsibility. Imagining also that by regularizing the status of masses of illegal immigrants, it will be possible to assimilate them and avoid the arrival of new masses, although we observe exactly the opposite. This is the illusion of the benefits of immigration.
5. Extolling the assimilation and integration of aliens while wanting to preserve and maintain their special characteristics, their original cultures, their memories and native mores. This is the communitarian illusion, one of the most harmful of all, which is particularly cherished by `ethno-pluralist’ intellectuals.
6. Imagining that by cancelling Third World debt we can encourage their economic growth and prevent new indebtedness in the future. This is the Third Worldist illusion.
7. Demanding at one and the same time that we abandon nuclear energy programs and replace them with power plants using natural gas, coal and petroleum, while advocating the reduction of polluting gases. This is the ecologist’s illusion.
8. Thinking that a world economy founded on short-term speculation based on computerized markets and replacing monetary policies with the caprice of financial markets will guarantee a lasting `new growth’. This is the illusion of the new economy.
9. Believing that democracy and `republican values’ will be reinforced by eliminating `populism’, that is, the direct expression of the will of the people.
“I could make the list longer. In all these matters, believing in miracles can be explained by the incorrigible optimism of the secular religion of egalitarian progressivism, but also by the fact that, although it has reached an impasse, the dominant ideology does not dare deny its dogmas or make heartbreaking revisions, while clinging to the idea that `the storm will never come’. The whole thing is explained by the sophisms of bogus experts, whose conclusions are always that everything is going well and getting better and that we have the situation under control. They are like a driver who speeds through a red light and justifies it by explaining that the faster he drives, the less time he spends in the intersection and therefore reduces the risk of a collision.”….. Get and read Faye’s book..

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