Candidate Obama had “The Cave” in Chicago, peopled with Math Geniuses who used Quantitate Analysis [QA] to help Obama become President. Most politicians aren’t capable of learning their techniques and even fewer can use what they did. Politicians in general only need simple arithmetic, not QA, to calculate success. Their formulas come down to this: “How Much Of What I Take Can I Keep? Or: Add up the money and subtract my cut.

The quants predicted a big Obama win days ahead of the election. Romney was beaten in the field by people whose native tongue is algorithms. Native statisticians like Dick Morris and Karl Rove had their lunch handed to them by Nate Silver, the stat’s whiz who said Obama had a lock on the election days before it happened which caused FOX to fire Rove and Morris.
Quants plus humans win over either on their own. Look at chess where computers programmed by quant’s easily beat humans but humans with computers beat computers.

The quants discovered and invented better ways to win an election. Their ideas are so accurate it feels like cheating. In the business of politics that’s a virtue.

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