Tim Kaine was announced in the birthplace of W.C. Fields who said: “If a thing is worth having it’s worth cheating for”. Hillary adopted that as a life mission. In 1940 Fields said something that reminds one of Kaine: “Whilst traveling through Afghanistan, we lost our corkscrew. Had to live on food and water for several days.”.

Lets not get all exercised about Kaine being a tea-totaler. He was taught by Jesuits who are not known for their tolerance of, … well Jesuits are famous for being against money, human love and freedom. Seriously?

Yes. They swear to live according to what they consider virtues but which mostly everyone knows are the best things about being sentient. Jesuits and by extension Tim Kaine who was born into their religion, taught by them and who lives accordingly knows that the Jesuits, known as “Gods Army” are basically against human life and they know they must constantly violate their ideals to live. Nevertheless, they vow to battle against human nature. Kaine accepts that and violates it simultaneously.
The opening lines of the Jesuits founding document declared that the Society was founded for “whoever desires to serve as a soldier of God (Spanish: “todo el que quiera militar para Dios”), to strive especially for the defense and propagation of the faith and for the progress of souls in Christian life and doctrine.” Jesuits are thus sometimes referred to colloquially as “God’s Soldiers”,”God’s Marines”, or “the Company”, which evolved from the society’s commitment to accepting orders from their Pope anywhere and to endure any conditions. It’s a rather fanatical set of ideas and Kaine proves them false by constantly violating them. No one can follow the principles and live. They are designed to inculcate guilt. To get you to bow your head and submit to authority and once you bow your head you will never lift it to regain your humanity .
Kaine is an example of the lowest kind of human who says one thing, does another and lies about both. Abortion is an example. He opposes it and refuses to criminalize it. For and Against. That’s Kaine. He should do well working with the Clinton Crime Family.

So what’s this about being related to W.C. Fields? Fields, who passed away in 1945, really was born in Philadelphia. Philly these days is a very conflicted city full of belligerent groups; several ruling sub-cultures; home of another Roman Catholic, the famous Jesuit educated mayor Jim Kenney who graduated from Jesuit St. Joseph’s Prep.

Tim Kaine, the Jesuits and the Popes ideas about life on earth show up in Pope Paul VI’s 20th-century encyclical “Populorum Progressio” (On the Development of Peoples). It’s a manifesto against capitalism. Pope Paul actually wrote: “Individual initiative alone and the interplay of competition,” he says, “will not ensure satisfactory development.” Instead, the individual thinker and producer must be shackled to the group, forced to abandon the profit motive and minister to the needs of others. That’s Tim Kaine’s operating philosophy. The man is a danger to the Republic.

Quoting St. Ambrose, Pope Paul wrote: “You are not making a gift of your possessions to the poor person. You are handing over to him what is his.” This is communism’s vision (from each according to his ability, to each according to his need), only with different authorities in charge. This is the hateful-of-human-life Elizabeth Warren’s philosophy too. The result therefore must be the same as wherever communism was tried: back-breaking poverty. Why does the Church advocate that which it supposedly opposes? In destroying the great producers and chaining everyone together, you lose control over your own life — and lose the self-esteem that comes from such control.

Kaine’s wrong fundamental belief’s about reason, production, and sex are designed to make people feel impotent, insignificant, and unworthy and incapable of celebrating their own lives. His teachings stand united against a single evil — the sin of pride. Pride is promoted by Kaine’s religion as the First of the Seven Deadly Sins. Why? Because only broken people will submit to the authority of the Popes, the Jesuits and the government in the desperate hope that submission to Authority will save them from their misery — the helpless misery promoted by the doctrines supported by Tim Kaine. It’a a vicious cycle from which most people cannot escape. A dangerous man.

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