Either she doesn’t get it or even worse, she get’s it and is dishonest about the differences between a country and it’s leaders.

Hillary believes Americans are bigots. She talked about “the cancer of inequality”. Her basic theme is that everyone wants something so political candidates can get votes by promising impossible things before an election then admitting it’s impossible to deliver promises made because the people were tricked into voting for her because they believed her. Hillary is way past the time when people could believe her.

The universe is made up of many different things. Sticks are not equal to holes. Different things are not equal. Equality between things with different natures is impossible. Red wine is not equal to white wine even though both are wine.

OTOH, when things are equal it’s impossible to make them unequal.

Ergo, Inequality and equality cannot exist in the same way at the same time for the same things. Promises to make unequal things equal is a promise to provide a square circle. Equality is an existential Zombie, a living dead organism, an impossibility.

Promising the impossible is fraud when one knows it’s impossible and willful fraud when one doesn’t know. Why willful? Because it’s the responsibility of the speaker to know what one is promising. There’s no excuse for promising the impossible. 

Perhaps you accept that people make mistakes but that’s an unacceptable excuse for a candidate because candidates get the benefit of the doubt from listeners. Knowing that,  candidates are responsible to find out the truth before making promises. It’s called knowing what you are talking about before talking about it.

Hillary knows the difference between the rank and file citizens and their leaders but she conflates the two. She knows but covers up her knowledge.

In so many ways her life has been misspent by covering up the truth. She spends too much time trying to tell the rank and file that she want’s to help them while she is busy helping herself at their expense.

That’s not a mistake. That’s willful deception and deception has been Hillary’s moral code for decades. Perhaps she was honest at some point in her life but she left that life decades ago.

Hillary is too smart to be forgiven by the idea she makes mistakes just like other people. Hillary knows she is not like other people. 

Hillary has spent a lifetime crafting her deceptive public responses. She plays people. She’s no longer trustworthy. She deceives with statements like inequality is a cancer when she knows people, cultures and leaders are unequal. That’s the unequal nature of leaders. Followers can’t be leaders because they’re followers. Hillary knows she’s different than others. She knows it and uses it against them and for her.

When you look around and see differences everywhere you see the universe as it is. If differences are part of the universe why tell people they are not?

Why? Because it’s politically advantageous. That makes it deceitful to say it.

People are delightfully different and that’s natural. But the Liberals, the Progressives and the lying leaders want to trick people into fighting each other so the lying leaders can stop the fighting they started. That’s Hillary’s way.

When she said “what difference at this point does it make?” she knew the video didn’t cause the Benghazi attack. Willful Deception.

When she talks of giving people “Ladders of Opportunity” she means the people will be tricked into paying for the ladder and the opportunity doesn’t exist because her types of tyrannical leaders made the wall too high to get over.

Hillary doesn’t want to pay for the ladders, -she want’s some people to pay for them while others people get to climb them and she want’s to decide who should pay and who should climb and she refuses to tell people the wall is much higher than the ladder. 

She’s there on top and you can’t get there. She’s safe, you’re tricked.

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