Government Health Care has a panel that decides which treatment is available and to whom. That’s the essence of a Eugenics Program. Someone else decides who must be treated and who must not be treated. Government must not be involved with medical decisions, but it’s too late because government is involved. Neither should Government force pregnant women to abort nor to remain pregnant. Government must not impose amniocentesis on anyone. Amniocentesis can spot missing genes and extra genes on a chromosome. Children are occasionally born with an extra chromosome 13 or 18. They do not survive for a week after birth.  

Sarah Palin famously delivered Trig Palin, a Downs Syndrome baby. Downs children are famously, conspicuously, happy, healthy, and destined to live perhaps until age 40. They have an extra chromosome 21  that easily spotted with Amnio. Downs children are gentle and they are mentally retarded. Government must not decide to coerce pregnant women to have amnio to identify whether or nor the fetus has an extra chromosome nor should government prohibit it. Government should not be involved. There are massive privacy issues involved. Roe v Wade resolved the privacy of an individual as something government must protect. But Obamacare collects the private healthcare information of everyone. How? Doctors must submit their diagnosis and treatment electronically to government.

Virginia, for example continued to sterilize the mentally handicapped into the 1970’s. Between 1910 and 1935 under more than 30 state and federal laws more than 100,000 feeble-minded individuals were sterilized according to Matt Ridley writing in Genome, p. 290. Germany gassed psychiatric patients to free hospital beds for wounded soldiers.  That’s what government control of medicine does.  

Socialists, Progressives and the Left with their belief’s and their naïve trust in central planning and their willingness to put the state in control in positions of power over the individual are candidates for the Eugenics message. Eugenics is easier when government controls medicine. Obamacare is that control. Government Control is the essential attribute of government controlled health care, i.e., Obamacare is the needed force behind Eugenics.  Survival of the fittest is achieved by culling what some in the former Soviet Union called “Useless Eaters”. That would be the elderly when they have lived too long. That would be also include a Downs Syndrome fetus.  In China DS fetus’  would be aborted. That control is Eugenics. Obamacare has that control. When government forces a woman to remain pregnant it has gone too far. Those who promote such laws  are cruel to women..

Roe v. Wade was good law but it didn’t go far enough. The Constitution should be amended to protect a woman’s privacy and her right to determine whether to keep or abort a pregnancy.  

Under Obamacare the Federal Government expands which procedures are allowed and which are withheld. Disagree? Read notorious Section 1233 that outlines the government approved list of senior procedures called “end of life health care”. It’s your ticket out and you have nothing to say about it. It’s a way to cull the herd by getting rid of people who are simply too expensive for government to pay for. That’s Eugenics.  

RATIONING See also Section 1162 for “Outcome Based Measures” which is rationing of health care which is using biological information to decide who doesn’t live. Eugenics wants people with good minds and a healthy body. that’s behind the current push to coerce the young to support Obamacare. They have healthier bodies. Government want’s them. That’s Eugenics.   Rationing is the polite word for it.

Government rations health care even before Obamacare.  Medicare will not pay for tests unless they are far apart. There’s a minimum time between certain cancer screenings. That’s rationing. government Control of health care is needed by Eugenics. Withholding treatment lowers the boom on the elderly. Eugenics. The collective must remain healthy so bye-bye to those who are too old. Rationing does that.

The  Stimulus Legislation created: “The Federal  Coordinating Council for Comparative Effectiveness Research”,   a board that oversees healthcare Rationing and uses a formula to determine who  receives care and who doesn’t See: Betsy McCaughey: “Ruin Your Health With The Obama Stimulus Plan”, published in Bloomberg News. The FCCCER’s focus on  “cost effectiveness” and “outcome based measures,” mean the elderly, the handicapped, DS children and the chronically ill will  receive far less care because they benefit less in quality of life and quantity of  years. So says government.

Obamacare is the ultimate revenge of Obama’s parents and maternal grandparents on America. It’s a Eugenics Program. It rations health care for most people and denies it to others. Obamacare is fundamentally oppressive because it brings the full power of the Federal and State governments to be asserted over the Rights of each individual. It’s one more link in Obama’s cruel chain of tyranny.

The flaws of Obamacare and Eugenics is not the science of medicine but the coercion of the individual.  Any program that puts the benefits of society over the Rights of the Individual is a Crime against Humanity. Obamacare is another example of the dangers of letting government get out of control and worse is yet to come.   


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