That’s the minimum he wants to pay back his Union Donors. How do you know that? Because he’s been screaming that Tom Corbett cut a billion from education, a statement Wolf knows is false. Washington, not Corbett cut the money and Corbett re-structured the budget to put more money into public education but neither the Unions nor Wolf want the truth to get out.

That means Wolf want’s to get that money from the people of Pennsylvania and give it to the unions. The billion is a big bribe. It’s what Wolf wants. It’s what he stands for and it’s what Tom Corbett won’t do.

Corbett believes the billion should be kept away from Wolf, away from the Democrats and in your hands.
Wolf has far more money than he needs so he doesn’t think a billion is a big deal. Corbett and his sidekick Jim Cawley know how important money is to real working people. Cawley grew up in Levittown PA so he turns a dime over three times before he lets it go. That’s the kind of people who will protect your dimes and dollars.
Tom Corbett deserves your vote because he’s a good and decent man who will continue to watch over you. Wolf is only watching your money. Wolf doesn’t care about taxes and it’s obvious because he’s so glib about a billion. Anyone is entitled to their own money but Wolf and his friends think public office entitles them to your money too. Wolf is bad for PA. Corbett deserves your vote.

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