He fined a private corporation billions and he spent the money without going thru Congress. He’s a lawyer who knows how to avoid the law, how to break the law and avoid the consequences, and how to go around Congress. He’s spent more than any other president and the consequences of that alone sent millions of jobs to other countries. He’s lost jobs for America and those jobs showed up in foreign counties. America loses and other countries gain because of Obama. He’s decreased the value of the dollar more than any other American president. He’s been a constant stream of bad news and declining freedoms and he has another four years to work his anti-American schemes against America.

Even when the number of jobs in America increases, the lost jobs are lost forever. The increase in jobs would be higher if the lost jobs weren’t lost. Lost Jobs are lost forever.  

It’s not only America that loses because of Obama. His wrong policies, – policies that increase taxes meaning every American pays more, including the poor, to live also increase the prices people in other nations pay to America for American goods. Foreign people in poorer countries pay more because their money is also worth less because of Obama. He’s hurting the world.  When prices increase, and prices always increase when the value of the dollar decreases, everyone is forced to pay more for the basic needs of life. Obama has decreased the value of the dollar so not only do Americans have less money to spend because of Obama’s tax increases, American importers  must pay more for foreign goods so the dollar that’s worth less, buys less, and America’s prices increase. It’s not only prices at WalMart that increase, the selling prices of say, Boeing Aircraft, increase, so Boeing, for example, doesn’t get as many orders and American jobs are lost to France and England where Boeing’s competitor, Airbus, is located. Bad, bad, worse and worse. That’s the story and the lousy legacy of Obama.

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