Svengali came to life in 2008 when Obama came to power. Svengali fooled people. Obama is still doing that. No record of his record. Was he a mediocre student? If not, why are his school records hidden? Svengali was a famous hypnotist. People seen to have an out of body experience when Obama talks. Svengali deceived Trilby, one person. Obama deceives ten’s of millions. He’s Dracula, Svengali and The Phantom of The Opera combined. This is the spider luring people into his web. He creates crisis after crisis and comes thru as the solution for the problems he creates. His bad security policies caused BenghaziGate but Susan Rice was abandoned making her the sacrifice to save Sven. This is a living Incubus. What a show. What a cad. And four more insufferable years to go.

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