What a divider. The Fiscal Cliff mess was created by the president to divide the congress into Democrats and Republicans. No, you say, he didn’t divide congress? Well,  Obama is the leader of the government. If congress is divided it’s either because he wanted to divide it or it divided itself because of his leadership. Either wy, Pbama is responsible for the divided Congress.

If he wanted a compromise, where is it? He had no compromise and the so-called agreement brokered by Joe “The Joke” Biden, the national clown, was presented to the House Republicans with almost zero cuts in spending and massive tax increases. The biggest tax increase is for Obamacare,  the national health system that the Supreme Court ruled in unconstitutional but the tax increase caused by Obamacare is constiutional because Congress can incease taxes. the Supreme Court made one of the silliest argumants ever ruling Obamacare could not be passed because government did not have the power to pass it but the tax coming out of Obamacare is constitutional because government has the power to tax. Understand? If not, read is over until you do. Read the Supreme Court decision. I did and that’s what is says.

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