Winter nights are dark and long, even when the moon is full. Primitive people got used to the extra darkness. Someone discovered fire.  That changed things a lot. Someone else discovered oil could be a fuel to make the dark go away. Someone else invented the candle. People liked the candles. Still do. The longest nights gave people an excuse to watch fires and candles instead of just sleeping so the longest night became facinating. The solution to the dark nights was light. Night Light had to be invented. People liked the light in the dark so they picked the longest night, the winter solstice and made it a time of joy. The days after the solstice the nights get shorter. It’s a time to look foreword to another set of seasons. The Chinese culture made the first day of the Chinese New Year everyone’s birthday. Everyone was a year older and received gifts. The best gifts are wrapped in red. The best gift is a red envelope. That’s the easiest way to wrap money. Celebrating the solstice with candles and gifts made sense so people did it year after year. Still do even in a Wefare state where many values are upside down. The solstice happy candle & gift nights are as old and as true as the sky. They make people feel good.

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