It’s no mystery how America became great. Unleash People. Laissez Nous Faire. Let us alone.

Or maybe Stop Oppressing People. Gangs and Government are the source of oppression. (Not guns). Both Gangs and Government hate guns in the hands of Individuals. Guns are needed to supress oppression. The best way to control gangs is to use the law, the police and the courts but controling government is another matter. Government has all the power. Government has the physical power, cops, soldiers, tanks, planes, bombs, etc. The people needed to try to overcome the power of government so Rights were invented. America sort of pushed the envelope in 1791 when some Patriots wrote The Constitution, united 13 states and shared the powers of government with some of the people. The idea that the power of government came from the power of “The People” is a pleasant fiction. Some people came up with the idea of Rights to balance the Power but Power writes the rules.

When government is too buzy to pay attention to business, the people can prosper. When government wants more power it forces people to send them money. Money is the marker of Power. Rights can’t control money. Rights can’t really control Power either but it’s a pleasant fiction. Try to get government to change. You’ll find two groups in your way, Democrats and Republicans. Try to influence D’s and R’s. You need money but no one has enough to do that. Get elected. No, that doesn’t work unless you have money and a gang Ask people like Ross Perot, Steve Forbes, Tom Smith who spent millions but the R’s and D’s defeated them. But John Kennedy did it.

Start a movement. Libertarians, Greens, Tea Parties, Ross Perot, Ron Paul – so far, none worked. Why? Too many people accept oppression so long as it doesn’t go overboard. They seem to operate with the idea: Let government take my money – but not too much. How much is too much? You’re on your own with that. It became too much for me at age 11 when the Federal Government forced The Philadelphia Bulletin to take some of my money (Social Security) and send it to Washington. I realized how much power I didn’t have. rity. Wasn’t my idea. Too bad. Before I could say no, the money was taken. So much for the Right to earn a Decent Living. It was almost worthless. From age 11 to now, I’ve paid but was never paid back. Couldn’t join the right gang I guess. But government didn’t care if I was in the right gang or not. Govenrment has power over all of the gangs. That’s the nature of Govenrment.

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