Obama attacked America with his ObamaMandate but deceptively covered up his attack by saying it’s free health care for 41 million un-insured Americans. But it’s creating poor people. ObamaCare is too damn high. Binary Group has 70 full time workers and will cut workers hours from 40 to 35 a week and lay off others to cet their costs under control, costs that increased because of Obama and the ObamaCare Mandate. My wife and my health insurance jumped $2,000 bucks a year after ObamaCare was passed. Free health care for 41 million costs everyone else billions. Employers whose businesses are running on very small profit margins and who are forced to pay higher taxes on their income cannot afford higher health insurance so they must cut something. Either hours or pay has to be cut or the entire business goes the way of Twinkies. It closes.

The Supreme Court ruled: ObamaCare is a tax and the consequence of taxes on business is for all retail prices to rise. That hurts the people who can’t aford health care because they must pay more for food, fuel, rent and clothing. The prices of all those products are increasing as the costs of Obamacare hit the poor and the middle class. Obama penalized the lower classes because he’s didn’t learn wht Reagan knew, that you only tax the people. If a business doesn’t close it has to raise the prices people pay for their products, the higher prices caused because of the high cost businesses must pay to government to pay for the not so free ObamaCare for 41 million people. Higher prices for goods benefit who? Government. Obama. So Obama caused millions of prices to increase but he blames everybody and everything but Obama. What a cad.  

Obama was smart enough to calculate he will get 41 million votes from the people who get free health care and the people whose hours are cut will be mad and blame the Republicans because Republicans support business so the mis-led ObamaBots voted for Obama. That was incredibly stupid but Obama was smart and knew the Republicans would be blamed by dopey voters. Obama relied on dopey voters to win a second term. He was right but now lots of Obama dopes are losing hours of work or their jobs. Obama hurt America with his vote-buying schemes. Bad Obama. Bad for America.

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