54 Christmas trees is wildly excessive. Obama doesn’t care. It’s not in his nature to empathize with the lesser people, the people of America, over whom he rules. Wait! Maybe it’s not true. Maybe it’s something dreamed up by Rush. Or Hannity. Lets be sure Obama is the lord and savior like J.Z. or some twit or other called Obama. OTOH, Madonna fans, sensibly, booed her when she supported Obama over Romney. So is it true that Obama decorated the White House Like Versailles? Yes, unfortunately it’s true. (Click Here). What’s wrong with the man? Is it because the moral code of America has broken down? Is it because the best days of America are in the past?

No, of course not. That’s a common trap that’s been around for centuries. Blame the culture so your values can be shown to be better than everyone else. Look. The people are OK. The culture is fine. If the culture is rotting then Obama’s excessive, almost creepy behavior is justified because everybody does it. No, they don’t. This is Obama’s sin. People know when they’re making mistakes. Here’s what’s going on. Obama is rubbing America’s  noses in the dirt. He’s flaunting the fact that he can do what he wants, just like Louis XIV did at Versailles. The problem for Obama is his time in power will end in 2016. Louis XIV ruled for 72 years. Obama will only rule for eight.  That’s the American way. Eight years Maximum.

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