It’s not just the so-called Fiscal Cliff that Obama’s bad Presidency created because he failed to lead America in a sensible fashion. Obama’s pushing America over the Color Cliff; the Rich Cliff; the Tax Cliff; the Medical Cliff; the Foreign Policy Cliff; the Education Cliff; the Automaker Cliff; the Oil cliff; the Oil Exploration cliff; the Iraq, the Iran, the Afghanistan, the U.N. cliffs and many more cliffs. Obama is the original Cliff-Master. First he creates a cliff then leads the nation into disaster. We are all worse off because of Obama’s False Cliff’s

Benghazi is only one example of an Obama Cliff created when he divided the nation into three camps. His, his other one and the real one. His cliff, the one where he or his adminstation failed to provide adequate security in Benghazi, got four Americans murdered. His other cliff is the Cover-Up. Together they diminished the trustworthyness of America. Not the trustability of Americans. The individuals citizens are still trustable because that’s their nature. We don’t lie. We try to repair damage when we make mistakes and we demand liars be made accountable. Not so with the President.

Not with Obama. Obama follows a set of principles that go something like this. America is an oppressive nation. America oppressed Blacks by imposing slavery on them. Obama must ignore the founding of America where people like Jefferson, Franklin, Washington and many others atttempted to salvage an agreement to wrest control of the Colonies from England. Part of the cost of the agreement was slavery. Instead of fighting both England and the South, Jefferson devised a plan to diminish the power of the Southern States in the new American government by purposely undercounting people in the South. Instead of counting every Southers Citizen as 9/10th’s of a person, the number of slaves were counted as sixty percent and the slave owners as 100 percent with the result that Southerners were undercounted. That indercounting eventually led to to the ability of the United colonies to defeat England. It took another 60 years to defeat slavery and America fought the slave-owners to do it. That would be the Civil War.

The Liberal narrative no longer supports the benevolent founding of America. It’s been replaced by a false history that includes Jefferson and Washington as slave holders. That’s somehow become the essential character of the founding of America. Somehow slavery has become the dominant American attribute despite the centauries long before the creation of America, centauries where Arabs and the African chiefs captured then sold the slaves.  

Unfortunately, Obama brought a second civil war to America. Obama divides America into white people and the other people. He was elected by the other people with some help from the white people, but Obama created a cyber Mason Dixon cliff in America. That’s the Color Cliff and he pushed the nation over it. 

Obama must hate money because he wants to penalize people who have it. The rich in America pay 80% of the taxes. Obama wants them to pay 90% for a starter than on up to what? 100%? That’s a cliff that will be impossible to go over because the rich will leave, – sensibly leave America. Only it won’t be America they leave but some Obamamerica. America won’t return until Obama finishes his second term.    

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