Dec. 2, 2012. The Cairo Demonstrations that unseated Hosni Mubarak were blamed on an anti-Muslim video. Most likely that was a lie because the same reason was promoted by the Obama adminstration for the Benghazi attack that caused the death’s of four Americans including Ambassador Christopher Stevens. We now know the video excuse was false. We know the Obama Adminstration pushed the video as the reason for the Benghazi attacks and we also know, as a result of Congrssional investigations that the Benghazi attack was planned, not spontaneous, and that the attack was definately not caused by a video. This is important. This needs to be repeated. The reason for the Benghazi attack was not a video. Based on the discoveries about the lies and the  cover up’s still going on about the false Benghazi video excuse, Congress should investigate the Cairo Attacks – because they were also blamed on a video.

Obama is having deniability problems because he and/or someone or someones, falsely, wrongly blamed the video for the murders of four Americans in Benghazi on . Obama sent his U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice to five Sunday Morning Talk Shows with instructions to “Blame The Video”. Obama went to the United Nations two weeks after the attacks and “Blamed the Video”. Less than a month after the election Ambassador Rice is attempting to clear her name by telling us she was misled by some kind of intelligence report, misled into saying, – specifically,-  that a video caused the Benghazi report.   New Jersey Congressional Representative Peter King told Fox Network that four different people/agencies are now accepting the blame for changing the intelligence about the raid to blame it on the video; –  Hillary, Susan Rice, the CIA,  & the FBI.

Obama has a vivid history of blaming others  but avoiding his responsibility. As Salena Zito put it in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, Obama has blamed the stagnant economy on: ATMs, ditches, slurpees, corporate-jet owners, the TEA Party, Republicans, Japan’s earthquake, the Arab spring, the Arab summer, George Bush, and Wall Street  (Salena Zito, “Battlegrounds Of Resentment,” Pittsburgh Tribune-Review 8/28/11). Obama is a well oiled and fine tuned fabricating machine, well-practiced at blaming others and in the case of Benghazi, blaming a video. Why should we trust him?  

He was elected by a razor-thin margin, slightly less than 1.34% of the population. He won an election but not the confidence of the people. His lies and the orchestrated cover-up of who pushed the video instead of Obama’s failed leadership and foreign policy failures, his failure to provide security, his blaming the video all fit a disturbing pattern, a pattern unworthy of the President.

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