Out of the 650,000 the FBI is trying to find if any were from the Department of State. If so Huma Abedin may be and most likely is in trouble for lying to the FBI because she testified under oath that she had turned overall devices in her possession. the latest FBI warrant shows that’s not true. That means Huma lied under oath. That means Hillary’s judgment of and confidence in Huma’s integrity and in Huma’s memory was wrong.
This isn’t “Carelessness” as FBI Director James Comey characterized Hillary’s conduct about setting up an illegal computer and an illegal backup computer. this is far more serious than where you put your car keys. This is wrongly handling the most important information in America. This is like handing a bank robber the combination to the safe in the bank. This is far more serious than the one or ten documents that got General Petraus a $100,000 fine because he showed a few, not tens of thousands of secret documants to his biographer/mistress.

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