“We still know very little about this illness, above all how it spreads. (A blood test is needed to identify those who had it and are cured.) But even the earliest data from China pointed to children not being vulnerable for infection. That data was already available from many different sources and it depends of course, how you interpret that data. I haven’t seen any data about contagion in schools. All the data I’m seeing is that children don’t get sick. Data from Iceland and other places all point to that children are not contagious. We found a few cases in Sweden and Finland of positive children but they didn’t spread to anybody. Even if it isn’t highly publicized, there’s a lot of data saying schools aren’t a driver of Covid.”

We know for certain that people over 80 or 90 are in more danger of dying from something but we don’t know when they die from Wuhan flu unless they are in a hospital. We know for sure that people in their 80’s and 90’s die at higher rates than people under 80 so that’s not an indicator they had Wuhan flu.

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