Benghazi; Cairo again; Death and destruction from Iran in Iraq; the 20 attacks from al Quida or al Quida affiliates on Sept 11, 2012 under Obama’s watch and loads of other incidents show Obama’s self-proclaimed strategy of conquering al Quida by saying al Quida is on the run didn’t work. Obama is a master of mis-direction. He is one of the most skillful propagandists. He knows and practices the deception called “The Big Lie” and it’s worked so well for him and it’s fooled so many that his propaganda visit to K’nex went unnoticed as part of his propaganda war against money, at least American money. Less than a month after the election, Obama proved he’s a divider of the American people. K’nex probably supports Obama and will probably give a big donation to the Democrats for being picked as a backdrop for Obama’s use of their company to distract America from his financial failures and his cover-ups, the latest of which was Benghazi.

Team Obama is busy changing history by re-writing the information about the death of four Americans. Team Obama continues their massive string of bad decisions. The approval of Susan Rice for Secratary of State, the approval of the person who fronted the corrupt adminstration’s lies about Benghazi being caused by a video instead of by the evil policies of an organization of evildoers, shows how wrong but successful professional liars can be.

The Obama adminstration is an industrial grade gang of liers supported by the unions, the mainstream media and the college professors who have sold their humanity and thereby doomed millions of people to a lesser life by taking more of their money. Liars should not win, at least not in the long run. People should not get away with lying but the Obama team proves that’s wrong. For them, lying has worked so they will continue to lie.

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