By now you probably know a lot about K’nex, an injection molding company in Hatfield,  PA because of Obama’s visit yesterday, November 30. Here’s what you don’t know. The owners sold out the American Dream. They prostituted themselves for a bit of free advertising. At least Judas got 30 pieces of silver for being a traitor.  The owners of K’nex have to pay themselves for their betrayal.

By agreeing to allow Obama to use their business as a backdrop for his attack against money, they made things worse for the people who pay 80% of the taxes in America. Selling out for free is not better than selling out for free advertising. Both acts are moral failures but what the owners of K’nex did was dumb too. They betrayed themselves. They betrayed their employees; the spouses of their employees; the children of their employees and everyone else who uses money to live. They helped the continual undermining of money, one of the most needed commodities. No one can remain bigger than their money. Money needs to be defended otherwise it will be lost to charlatans, demagogues, and thieves. In the process of supporting Obama; in the process of not speaking against Obama; they revealed the moral contradictions in their souls. Most people know hypocracy when they come upon it. Unfortunately, most people, – because they are liberals, – believe Obama is on the right track. He isn’t. Anyone who opposses the freedom to decide how to spend their own money is not worth the honor of having their own money. Those people need to understand how to judge what is imporant to themselves. Like most people however the owners of K’nex probably believe the love of money is the root of all evil so they supported Obama’s plan to take more money from the people by increasing the tax rates on some Americans. They are the worst kinds of intellectual prostitutes because they sell-out themselves. A street prostitute knows they must protect their assetts to continue in business but financial hypocrites and intellectual betrayers will sell-out themselves as they blindly follow the whistle from Obama. Obama is wrong about money. He’s wrong about America because he either doesn’t understand money or he does understand money and wants to use it to continue his plans to destroy freedom. He has too much help from his true believers but he gets none from me. You should condemn his actions, his belief’s and his plans because he is profondly against the West. This son of an African revolutionary became and enemy to the West so he needs to be opposed by Americans.

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