11/30/2102, Hatfield, PA.  K’Nex Company. Strange to see America’s most anti-business President ever go to a business to push his higher tax / higher spending /  demonize business message. What a cad.

Obama said he doesn’t believe the people want a handful of people in Washington, meaning the bad Republicans, to hold the American People Hostage to a tax cut. What about Obama, the one man holding people hostage? Obama also said in a typical mis-direction attempt, that:  “the clear majority of the American People” voted for higher taxes. They did not. Keep in mind the winning margin, the clear majority, to use Obama’s words, the winning number, the actual number of people who voted for Obama. The unclear number of people, a number never mentioned in the adoring, fawning mainstream media, the unclear number of the people who didn’t vote for Obama. That’s the number of people who do not want their taxs raised. They completely and throughly offset the very miniscule number of people who clearly voted for Obama.

Obama won by 4 million votes. There are 315 million people in America. Only one person out of every 80 people are in “the clear majority”. Based on that, no one in their right mind, no one who knows about the value of numbers would be able to defend Obama’s statement. He did win an election, two of them,- for the Presidency but only one out of every 80 people elected him. The rest had their vote negated by a voter who voted against him or by people who didn’t vote at all. 

So far as the people who did not vote for Obama, either because they voted against him or didn’t, or couldn’t, vote for him overwhelms those who clearly voted for him. Seventy nine out of every eighty people in America were not in Obama’s winning number of votes. 79 out of 80. When Obama lumps them together with the 4 million who clearly voted for him; the 4 million out of the 315 million who did not provide his winning margin; the 311 million Obama ignores when he talks about his winning margin; when Obama conveniently keeps them as secret as he keeps secret his Benghazi Debacle. That’s a huge lie by silence. That’s a disgrace. Remember 99% were not in Obama’s winning margin.

Here’s more info. There are more people who want their taxes lowered than clearly voted for Obama. Lowered. Lowered is an alien concept to Obama. Lower Taxes means nothing to people like Obama’s “out of touch” Treasury Secratary Timmy Geitner who mocked the intelligence of the United States Congress with his latest funny business wish list from Obama, two men who are so clearly out of touch with the people and reality. Look: 124 million people voted. 60 million voted for Romney. 64 million voted for Obama. The difference is: “The Winning Margin” The difference is 0ne percent: 1%. Obama’s winning margin is 1%. More people bought Power Ball tickets this week than voted for Obama.

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