Obama’s Trip to India shows a different foreign policy than his actions. He is an ally of Pakistan, very pro-Pakistan and just a friend to India.

Probable Goals: Try to get the Muslim world to think better of America. Generally ignore Europe and the Caucasians who he views as Colonizing powers. Really ignore Israel. Make the U.N. more important by buying the loyalty of the third world. Buy off Muslim Pakistan. Keep Hindu India at arms length by sending them lots of cash. Support “self Determination” so Muslim Kashmir goes to Pakistan and Hindu / Buddist  Kashmir goes to India or split Kashmir into two states.  

Possible Objectives: Peace in the Middle East by getting the West Bank away from Israel. Peace in Iraq and Afghanistan in exchange for lots of money from America. Good relations in Southeast Asia and Indonesia in exchange for billions of dollars.  

Possible Consequences. Massive Failures because friends of America are being treated as allies and allies are being treated as friends. India and Israel are friends of America. Packistan and Indonesia are not even allies but those regimes are being treated, wrongly, as most favored nations.

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