A set of four coupons for $100.00  to transfer prescriptions to K-MART are illegal to use for those on Medicare. On the reverse of the coupon is the note: “Not Valid For  Prescriptions Paid For In Whole Or In Part By Any Government Programs” which makes them illegal to be used by Medicare Funded patients.

After being forced into paying for Medicare and Social Security all of a working life; after paying the monthly premiums for Medicare, for Drugs and a Supplemental Insurance policy to cover what is not covered by the Medicare Premiums, it is forbidden by government to use a coupon. It’s against the law for K-Mart to try to entice drug users to use their Pharmacy.

How horrible that the Federal Government stifles marketing innovations, promotions and merchandising ideas that are the backbone of a free market. Government makes prescription marketing illegal. The money not saved, the $100.00 is part of the consumers money, money wasted by government. K-Mart employees conceived the program, prepared the mailing information, designed the coupons, the packaging and the mailing lists, all for nothing because the government interfered with their free market rights.  This is part of tyranny. the inability of people to transact business as they see fit to do is stopped by the dictators in government. This is so far past Socialism that even the crazy socialists who think a failed idea still works should see the tyranny behind the government when they realize government stifles free market marketing in such a blatant fashion.

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