Government at all levels is a massive JOB-DESTROYING scheme. Un-necessary government work violates the Constitution but it also cuts American private sector profit producing America saving jobs.

Every public sector job destroys from three to ten private sector jobs. Government is massively inefficient. The large total amount of money taken in small increments in trillions of micro-transactions to finance political campaigns that are deisguised as “government jobs” are empty, unnecessary cash transfers from the productive to the un-productive.  Government inefficiency is well documented. Government costs real money and real jobs. Whatever increases the cost of capital formation, such as increasing the cost of investing in say earthmovers, prevents contractors from purchaseing more of them. Managers. owners and investors will have less capital to work with and as a result be dissapointed because of lower wages. Foreign bulldozers become more competitive and foreign jobs are created. That’s how American dollars and jobs are exported. 

Policies that raise the cost of capital formation such as capital gains taxes, low depreciation allowances and corporate taxes, reduce capital formation, and serves the interest of job-destroying politicians who get more money to buy votes and the public loses three waysstors nor consumers. It does serve the interests of politicians who get more resources to be able to buy votes. Workers, consumers and investors lose money.

How does Government get away with taxes and other measures that reduce our prosperity potential. Part of the answer is ignorance and the anti-business climate that is so common it’s like it’s in the air. Notice that prosperity foregone is invisible. We can never tell how much richer we would have been without today’s level of government interference in our lives and therefore we don’t fight it as much as we could if we know.

Now you know.

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