There are several letters between Meghan  and her dad available on the internet, one of them is HERE but whatever the reasons for the distance between Meghan and her dad, soon to be a grand dad, it’s a shame these two people have not re-connected. She is his daughter, born in LA, forever. Same for him being her father forever. Meghan’s mother, Doris Ragland is also special. She was at the wedding and it was sad in retrospect that both Meghan’s mother and father couldn’t attend Meghan’s wedding. 

Why are they unable to get over these bumps? No way to know, only guess but there’s no basis even to guess. It’s on them and it’s between them. He’s the father of the Duchess of Sussex. She is the daughter of  Tom Markle of Rosarito Beach, Mexico, a retired television director of photography and lighting director.

These are sort of special people in the sense of their positions in our cultures. Their relationship is public but not really because there is a lot of time from the past that isn’t known or felt by the public.    

The prediction for the future is that eventually the daughter/father bond is strong enough that Meghan and her dad will see each other again. Hope it’s again and again. Like everyone they are unique and special people so their relationship and it’s public nature will continue to interest us and fascinate us. Most people want them to get on with things and to have the best relationship possible between them.